What I am Doing to Fight Against Discrimination


In this emotional video, the beautiful Keyna shares a little about her personal journey. From understanding her mental health,  autism, being queer and talking about discrimination and the Black Lives Matter Movement. She is taking her time to actively educate herself, donating and expressing her strong support. 


“Hello, everyone, my name is Keyna. And this is just a little introduction to you about me and my story. But I don't want to focus on that too much as I understand there are bigger things happening in the world at the moment that need our attention and focus. But without further ado, here's just a little bit about me. So again, my name is Keyna. I'm 23 years old. I'm a Leo baby. I was born and live in Melbourne, Australia though I like to say I'm born to travel because I can never really stay in one place. In terms of career and education, I'm still exploring as to what makes me happy as a person. 

But Fun fact, I'm also autistic. I was diagnosed 2019 August of last year. So that's something I'm still exploring and learning about in terms of myself and how my mind works, but I've definitely come a long way with my Mental Health and personal growth, which is definitely really nice because especially during these times of everything going on, it's something to really focus on because I am someone who's always felt quite overwhelmed when I use too much social media. So I started to feel really uninformed on these movements that are happening. And it's something that's so important and so dear to my heart because the way things are now, it's not okay.

First off, I will never try and speak on the behalf of anyone who really isn't me. So, anyone that has a different race, gender, sexual identity, preferences, beliefs, I can't do that. I can really only speak on behalf of myself. So this is a time for me to be quieter because I have only felt discrimination to a certain extent. Mostly for my gender and or Intelligence. 

But what I've not experienced, I have never had to fear for my life. And especially, I've never had to be fear for my life from my law enforcement. And that's not okay to think that there are people out there who are fearing for their life just based on their race, and by those who said that they are there to protect them because you do not have the right to discriminate someone, you do not have the right to assault someone and you do not have the right you most definitely do not have the right to murder another human being a human being with a life. So please know, especially for everyone, a part of the Black Lives Matters movement and all the other movements fighting for our human rights that these people to serve I support you. And now, I'm taking this time to educate myself on what is happening and what matters. I'm donating like when I can because I want to be a part of it as much as I can because whilst I can't be there physically, I'm with you there emotionally because you deserve to be heard you do, you are worth it. And this world needs you. 

Okay, we need you. So please do not give up. Do not, because diversity is the future. The and we say this is something again, it means a lot to me, because we as the world are ready to move forward. If you're someone who's stopping that, please rethink who the way you are because you're hurting people. People can't keep hurting, this world needs them, diversities, the future and I believe we can get there. We can do it. Please don't give up and please look after yourself and know that you are loved and you are needed on this world. Thank you for listening.”

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