Why are labels counterproductive to fight against discrimination?


Hey guys, my name is Eduardo and I am an Italian who grew up in Singapore his whole life. And because it is Pride Month, and I hope we are all celebrating somehow. I would like to come on here and kind of share a few thoughts about, you know, being LGBTQ, the coming out process, and a little bit about discrimination as well. So because we're all celebrating our identities at this time, I would like to remind everyone that you don't need to have a clear definition of who you are or a label. And if you're straight, please don't demand someone to give you that either.

You know, I believe everyone or at least almost everyone is kind of on a spectrum when it comes to sexuality. And especially within the LGBTQ community, it's often hard to find which label you fit in and what suits you and and you feel like nothing really describes who you. You are what you feel inside.

And that was the case for me, which is why I never believed in coming out. Because when you come out you need to come out as something you need to change your label from straight to x. And, you know, I didn't know what that label was for me. And, you know, I knew I was different. But I couldn't categorize that. So, I never did. I never had a coming-out process. I kind of wish I wish it wasn't a thing. I kind of just, you know, tell people like, oh, I'm doing this now I'm trying this out, or I had this experience and I wish that that could be more common because coming out, can take a really big toll on someone's told them someone's mental health, it can be really taxing. You kind of have to, you almost feel like you You were lying to everyone all along and now you have to like tell them the truth. When that's not the case, and Yeah.

In the same way, straight people don't need to come on a straight Why should queer people come out as queer? I wish we could kind of all expect it from anyone like Okay, oh, you're dating a guy now who you're dating a girl now cool, oh, you're dating, you're into this now great, like everyone should just experiment if they want to and if you're comfortable with it. And in going off that, you know, we've seen a lot of discrimination in the past few months. And always, and I think labels are used for discrimination. Because they other someone and eventually if I would like to envision a world where there is no discrimination.

I think it's safe to say there'd be no labels either because everyone would just be unique and on their own journey and doing your own thing and there would be no need to categorize everyone. And without having that label, you can't other people and you can't discriminate on them. So I think those are some things I wish we would remember this month that we should just celebrate ourselves for who we are not because we are of any specific label. So whether you're queer you know, I celebrate that view.

If you're straight, just celebrate for your queer friends but don't expect them to have an identity or a category for themselves. And yeah, you know, especially in Singapore where, where you know there is discrimination towards the LGBTQ community still. I will say that we are super lucky to be here because hate crimes are nowhere near as relevant here as in other countries. So let's celebrate. Let's enjoy this month. It's our time and yeah, I wish everyone a great pride month. Bye

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