Twistrek's Philosophy

Twistrek is the embodiment of a boundless future where all forms of life matter.

The Twistrek universe is always in flux; drawing inspiration from a limitless array of energies that are boldly represented in all our creations.

Set on the heels of a long history of biological evolution, Twistrek is a tribute to all life-forms, seeking adaptability and flawless coexistence with the natural world.

Twistrek extends its creative potential with irreverence to the status quo, and authenticity at its core.

Imaginative. Unbounded. Belonging to Nothing and Everything.

Twistrek is...

➔ embracing the beauty of all the facets of every lifeform.

➔ inspired by the fluidity and dynamic nature of the universe around us.

➔ a place of growth - where one discovers their physical, metaphysical and imaginative selves.

➔ the meticulous fusion of conscious design, materials and energy.

➔ where all the world’s good comes together. 

➔ the open flow of energy between entities.

➔ a journey, not a destination.

Design Philosophy

Æ møvement in creative ingenuity and accessibility.

Through countless sketches of designs and fits, Twistrek has conceived a model that incorporates the integrity of all lifeforms. 

Twistrek desires to evoke fearless creativity when øne sports any of the brand’s imaginative designs and cøløurs. 

Twistrek makes sunglasses that cømførtably fuse with the wearer’s identity, thrøugh inclusive sizing, flex hinge and weighted temple tails. 

Inspired by the resilient universe around us, Twistrek’s sunglasses are hand-crafted with biobased and biodegradable acetate.